The Elevator Pitch of SEO in 2020

Elevator Pitch

Are you an SEOoptimization specialist?


Are you planning to make it big the SEO field?

That is perfectly all right!

Before approaching the concept ofSEO elevator pitch let us browse through few important definitions.

How do you define a SEO elevator pitch?

SEOelevator pitch is a toolbox that an SEO specialist uses whileapproaching top companies and clients to represent his/her set of skills and the amount of SEO results they can produce for their website. 

The most special thing about aSEO elevator pitch is “its concept.” Imagine you are travelling in an elevator from first floor to the seventh one. What happens? You reach after few minutes. That is what exactly happens in case of the elevator pitch. You have limited time to pitch your idea in front of clients and tell how quickly you can help them escalate to the top position without the fear of sliding down.

Why SEO elevator pitch is not a bed of roses?

Some of the reasons why SEOelevator pitch is not easy as you think:

  1. The homo sapiens competing in the SEO field

Yes, that is true!

There are lot of specialties and sub specialties that have emerged in the field of SEO. Every tom, dick and harry who works online claims to be the king of SEOoptimization and creates an elevator pitch for the clients with the assurance of results.

This is not a very good option because local and global SEOs have a difference in their keywords. Moreover, the competition is changing and increasing every second.

  • No fixed amount of time or guarantee

The internet is a versatile platform; you cannot implement a particular idea and expect brilliant results in seconds. It takes time for things to happen and a website to rank.

  • Schema markups – the high tech solution

With different choices of customers, it is necessary to check the algorithm and add schema markups to align with the client needs. Therefore, a tad bit of knowledge about these markups could make things easier but these days many SEO specialists try avoiding it.

  • Quality backlinks – the reflection of SEO

Back links are very important that reflect your SEO efforts. Finding good back link and linking them to your website or the website of your client could be challenging. On the other hand, if you manage to find backlinks that has a record of having good audience, you could actually shift half of the audience to your website that can increase profits but it is not easy as it sounds!

How can you build an effective SEO elevator pitch?

  1. Keep your concept clear

Make sure you dive deeper to get a complete idea of SEO rather than just surfacing it. Once you know the key points, keep your pitch crisp short and simple.

  • Understand your customers

When you build a pitch – please note to get to the bottom-lineof your customer choices. You need to know that customers make their decisions when they are attracted by easy solutions and that is exactly what you need to aim for. You need to optimize your content, which can either enable them to purchase or be their support system or give them options.

  • Jargons – a big no

Many people randomly browse through their websites and choose simple ones with an easy language. When you come up with an elevator pitch make sure you do not use unusual words. Try using more simple and logical ones that would represent a real time scenario which is more result oriented.

  • Make yourself flexible

Do not tie yourself up with traditional SEO techniques – try using hybrids as well. This will make your pitch appealing and sound more realistic.

  • Avoid red flag content

Make it a point to avoid producing content that would actually land you up in spams. The website, which you are optimizing in terms of SEO, should never be on the red list because this would significantly make you lose your position and customer conversions as well.

  • Do not imitate “the avengers”

Every techniquehasits limitations. Even SEO optimization process does!

Make it a point not to show off much superiority while forming a SEO elevator pitch. You need to understand that no matter how much you try, it takes time and you cannot mould everything to a perfect shape.  You need to elaborate people and give them insights on how you will ease things for them rather promising miraculous results overnight.


SEO efforts take a lot of time and patience. The search engines are growing day by day and SEO techniques are changing at a faster pace. You need to construct your ideas concisely while presenting it in a spur of moment. So make sure you tie the reins before you ride the horse and enter the market to represent your SEO elevator pitch among people.

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